Sustainable Forest Management Through Virtual Reality

The aim of this project is to map the perceptions of different European countries about the content, needs and goals of sustainable forest management (SFM), and to create a network for the development of coherent SFM training.

The Project

Sustainable forest management (SFM) practices vary between countries and regions across Europe. This is due to e.g. differences in geographies, types of forests, operating environments and methodological developments.

New digital methods, in particular virtual reality environments (VRs) based on forest data resources, offer a new opportunity to create learning content that can highlight the common European goals of SFM in Europe’s diverse forest environments.

The purpose of the project is to use small-scale piloting to find out in which areas of SFM training the VR-based  solution brings added value and to draw up a plan for the implementation of this training.

15 February 2023: Hybrid seminar, Finland – “SFM VR final seminar”

29th November 2022 Online webinar ”The economical, cultural and social aspects of sustainable forest management”

05 October 2022 Hybrid online webinar: Virtual Reality and sustainable forest management - tools and technologies to train sustainable forest management

16 June 2022 online webinar: Our future forests – ecologically sustainable forestry and education in the EU


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To benchmark the contents related to the training in SFM and their differences between the project partners and participants of the webinars & seminars, and comparing the aims and contents of the training
    • Definitions used in education for social, cultural, ecological and economic sustainability. What examples have these been illustrated with  
    • Practices of commercial forest nature management included in the curriculum (e.g. implementation of water protection, protection zones, retention tree groups)  
    • Certificates passed in teaching (international and national)  
    • Addressing climate change mitigation, safeguarding forest biodiversity, preventing pollution and promoting circular economy
  • Comparing the implementation methods and methods of the trainings, taking into account the technical implementations used (VR, AR, 360 images, etc.) and their usability, as well as future needs 
  • Exploring the added value of a VR-based solution for SFM training through small-scale piloting  
  • Develop a plan for VR training in SFM 
  • Increasing European knowledge and cooperation on the missing elements in SFM training  
  • Leverage knowledge across Europe and share material and  knowledge  
  • Develop a vision of common development needs 


  • During the project, a study will be carried out on the types of practices related to training in SFM
  • Exploring what content should be developed to achieve the European goals of SFM
  • Find out what technical solutions have already been made and what should be done
  • Study on the added value of a VR-based solution for SFM training with a small-scale pilot
  • Plan for VR training in SFM
  • Improving the development and training of SFM in different countries


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