Consortium and Contact

This consortium was set up to bringing together different areas of expertise:

TTS Työtehoseura (Finland) is a well-known forest education and research institution. TTS’ aim for this project is to compare and bechmark training and technologies in which TTS has extensive experience. 

CTRL Reality (Finland) develops virtual and augmented reality applications for different purposes.

The USV-FS (Romania) has research and education experience in different fields where VR techniques can be used e.g. the implementation of the forest management techniques, biodiversity conservation in natural temperate forests, forest modeling under the effects of climate change, ecosystem restoration or modelling and evaluation of ecosystem services.

Besides its students in the field of forestry and environmental management the USV-FS has connections with relevant national stakeholders that can benefit from the implementation of VR techniques into their practice (e.g. forest owners’ association, forest administrators, NGOs).

Training 2000 (Italy) has connections with active stakeholders in sustainable forest management at national level (universities, mountain communities, public and private offices for forest management, associations and small and medium enterprises) which will cooperate in the development of the project and implementation of the new techniques developed.