Public webinars and seminars

The project will organize 2 international webinars (online) and 2 international seminars (hybrid format) on the most important aspects of education in sustainable forestry, where it will be possible to benchmark the training and technologies of different partner countries.

The webinars cover different aspects of sustainable forest management—training of these areas, implementation of the training, teaching methods and technologies used in teaching.

The first of the webinars deals with the ecology of sustainable forestry, and the second with other aspects of sustainable forestry: economical, cultural and social social sustainability.

The seminar on VR (hybrid) includes the utilization of technologies used in forest management training, which enables the dissemination of the best practices and comparisons between different actors. The event intends to improve understanding of how VR technology can be used to develop and improve sustainable forestry training efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Seminar on VR uses the pilot application developed in the SFM VR project as a basis for the discussion.

The final seminar summarizes the results achieved during the project and presents the differences and areas for development related to sustainable forestry training.


15 February 2023: Hybrid seminar, Finland – “SFM VR final seminar”

29th November 2022 Online webinar ”The economical, cultural and social aspects of sustainable forest management”

05 October 2022 Hybrid online webinar: Virtual Reality and sustainable forest management - tools and technologies to train sustainable forest management

16 June 2022 online webinar: Our future forests – ecologically sustainable forestry and education in the EU